About Me.


Founder Alex Possenti is a Venezuelan millennial that has lived in 9 cities and 6 countries. After plenty of visas, she launched Yanomami, partnering with Survival International to donate part of the proceeds help deforestation in the Amazon and to preserve the Yanomami tribe.“

“I’ve always been fascinated by the thought that there are still indigenous human beings in the world that live completely secluded from society, internet and phones. It is our duty to preserve the beauty of the Amazon Rainforest, and the Yanomami’s are an important part of the ecosystem. ”

The different countries Alex’s has lived around the world have influenced her style and approach to her brand. Alex grew up in Latin America then grounded her feet in Italy and Ireland.  This led her to attend college in Switzerland which eventually gave her the opportunity of working in China, where she started to design her own clothes. Finally establishing her American dream in Miami, Chicago and currently in sunny California.

The handbags and hats are made with bora, which is an aquatic plant that grows in the waters of the Orinoco river. They are then knitted by the Waraos, which is another indigenous group in Venezuela. With the dry fiber of the bora, the Warao manufactures different crafts including sailboats. Alex saw the importance in using ecological materials and to give fair paid jobs to individuals in her country, empowering them with fair trade and sharing their story in the blog she writes on her website.